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Wellness Tours 

Offered at our Waikiki Location

We will be offering two styles of tours at Waikiki Wellness- One specific to experiencing meditation and mindfulness at a few local spots while the other is geared towards multiple points of interest with integrated stress reduction techniques and practices. All tours are four hours long

Aloha Wellness Tour

Guests will be picked up at 6 am and be introduced to the intention of the wellness tour and expected process. Our first stop will be at the BlowHole, where we will enjoy the sounds of the crystal blue ocean while learning a simple breathing technique to increase presence. We will do a brief sensory meditation- that brings awareness to the senses and how nature influences them. Our next stop will be Makapu’u Point (LightHouse) where we will learn a hawaiian chant from a local hawaiian native and begin our mindful meditation walk. The journey will be sprinkled with Hawaiian history, knowledge and teachings for guests to get an understanding of the spirit of aloha and the Hawaiian values.The intention of this walk is a continuation of bringing awareness to the senses and how a heightened awareness of our senses aids in the process of regulating our nervous system to manage and decrease stress. This walk will encourage self reflection and focused attention on the present moment. There will be a few stops along the way for photos. Our last stop on this excursion will be a quiet, hidden beach where we will enjoy a healthy picnic and moments to reflect with nature. There will also be a guided meditation to end our journey of presence, peace and aloha. 

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Small Circle Wellness Tour

This four hour tour will be a sightseeing excursion with integrated mindfulness practices and stress relief techniques intended to inspire mental, emotional and physical wellness. Guests will experience beautiful points of interest such as Byodo-In temple, Pali Lookout, A stunning Botanical Garden and the Kailua State beach all while exploring techniques that encourage a balanced nervous system and stress reduction.

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